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Issue 20 | Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Since 2005, BrightMove has been a pioneer when it comes to developing an ATS. One way we continue to improve our Applicant Tracking System is by utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

BrightMove is packed with many powerful Artificial Intelligence features. From parsing and matching to posting and aggregating, these are just a few of the powerful features that provide recruiters with both the high-level and detailed information they need right at their fingertips. You can rapidly reach and hire the best talent on the market with BrightMove.    

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Here are just a few examples of how BrightMove AI is innovating ATS.     

BrightMatch AI

BrightMatch AI takes the profile of a candidate and enables you to reach out and find placements you may not have been able to before. This powerful AI tool is like having a salesperson who goes out and finds potential clients and jobs to help grow your recruiting or staffing company. 

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BrightMove Power Search AI for Candidates, Jobs, Clients and Contacts

The BrightMove Power Search AI feature leverages our proprietary search technology stack to rapidly comb through and filter millions of resumes in 300 milliseconds or less while applying BrightMove’s proprietary AI scoring algorithms. Not only does it bring you amazing results within quickly, it enables you to execute dozens of high-level actions without ever leaving the Search, optimizing efficiency and productivity. 

BrightMove AI Resume Cloud

Recruiters spend an average of just 6 seconds scanning a resume. BrightMove AI Resume Cloud is here to help with a visual representation of the 100 most frequently used words found in a candidate’s resume. While reviewing the Resume Cloud, you can click on a word and it will highlight it in the resume. 

Click here to read about the other AI features 



David T. Webb

Co-founder and CEO BrightMove, Inc.


Connect with us and stay tuned as we’ve got lots in the pipeline this year:


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